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Episode Love at the End of Life of Prophet Muhammad

Here is a piece of the story of Prophet Muhammad's life episode that quoted from the book "Duratun Nashihin". This story illustrates justice and love of the Prophet his companions. A love based on faith, and unrequited heaven.It was narrated from Ibn Abbas. That after the near death of the Prophet Muhammad, he ordered Bilal to call for prayers to man.Bilal then called Adhan and ofcourse the immigrants and the Ansar Companions to the Prophet Mosque. He did pray two light cycles with the companions. Then go up the pulpit, praised and called the greatness of Allah SWT.He berkhutbah with a sermon that in, the heart becomes afraid of it, and tears streaming from it.Then He said: "O all Muslims, I was a prophet to you, the giver of advice and Da'wah to Allah SWT with the permission of God.And I apply kepadamusebagai a brother who loved and well as a compassionate father. Whoever among you who has a persecution of me, then let him stand up and reply back to me before c…